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5 Jan

“I think I have scurvy,”  I tell Peter.

He looks at me sideways, not quite sure what to say.  Then asks me if I’m a pirate.

“Very funny!  You don’t understand. I have this rash that will not go away on my legs and near my collar bone.  And I think it’s because I have a vitamin C deficiency.  Probably because I haven’t been eating enough fruits and vegetables.”

“Uh, oh.”

“I blame all that cheap a** frozen pizza you’ve been making.” Continue reading

Our New Life in Denton, TX

7 Jan

Happy New Year!  We hope yours was a pleasant and restful holiday filled with hope and peace for the upcoming year.  Peter and I spent our Christmas holiday in Austin with my sister Alysa and a few close friends.  It was great to have an extended time to be with our friends and family, to reconnect, get refreshed and take a break before plunging into all the 2009 is bringing us.

University of North Texas
Peter starts school at University of North Texas on the 20th of January.  He’ll be taking 13 hours of classes as well as private music lessons, not to mention working on top of that.   He will be quite busy, but he’s pretty excited to be stepping into the academic world again. Continue reading

First Ultrasound – Amazing!

22 Aug

Peter and I just got back from our first ultrasound. Pretty amazing for us to see the baby for the first time!! And it is just one baby, not twins. I was concerned briefly that I might be having twins, because that would be my luck (runs in my family). Continue reading

Discovery – I’m Pregnant!

20 Jul

The first signs that made me think I was pregnant, before I was late, was that I hadn’t, ahem, gone to the bathroom – the important kind, for about three days.  This was serious for me – since I always go at LEAST once a day especially right in the morning.  So I thought, “what is wrong with me?”  Then I would get dizzy – intensely dizzy when I would stand up.  Plus, I had to pee twice in an hour. Typically I have a bladder like a horse and get annoyed by weaklings who for instance have to leave a movie to go pee; now I am that person.  Then the icing on the cake was when I got the weirdest sense of nausea that was unlike what I feel like when I am sick with the flu. Continue reading

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