The Birth Interview Project Returns

21 Feb

It’s been a long time coming. I know (hangs head sheepishly). I’m sorry, y’all.

The lack of TBIP posts have been a bit of a combination of making more time for my family, for myself, and a solid streak of procrastination, as in … it’s been so long that when I actually do return to this project I have to first admit to letting my readers down, and myself down too.

You see, I really believe in this little baby of mine: 17 simple questions to help you process your birth and share it with others. The Birth Interview Project is important because it helps moms gather the questions they need in order to tell their stories. And what stories they are. Filled with honesty, and bravery, and joy, and fear, and hope – all important stepping stones through the intense passage of motherhood.

So finally today as my son soundly napped, and my daughter watched a video for the umpteenth time called “mighty machines” (yeah, I let my kids watch TV. Don’t shoot me. It’s about airplanes!) I sat down with a twinkle in my eye, and blew the dust off The Birth Interview Project.

I found an interview that was sent to me this summer, more than six months ago, which was so honest and open that it’s been planted inside my heart ever since.

I formatted the interview and did absolutely ZERO editing (thank God for contributors who keep it easy for me! Ah. I love that!) and I tapped out a quick note on TBIP’s Facebook page saying I was back in business and then …


The latest birth interview was posted mid afternoon on a quiet Thursday, while my son snored and my daughter learned how airplanes fly. Sweet victory! See for yourself if this one pulls on your heart. To read the latest interview click here.


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