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First Ultrasound – Amazing!

22 Aug

Peter and I just got back from our first ultrasound. Pretty amazing for us to see the baby for the first time!! And it is just one baby, not twins. I was concerned briefly that I might be having twins, because that would be my luck (runs in my family). Continue reading

We Shall Not Cease

1 Aug

A Baby.
A lot has occurred since we last wrote.  It’s amazing how much can take place in a few weeks.  The most important news is that Peter and I are expecting a beautiful baby the first week of March!  We are thrilled and look forward to this new and exciting phase of our life together.

Visa Law Change.
The second change is regarding the volunteer visa law in Israel.  The Ministry of Interior has reduced the duration of volunteer visas from five years (what we previously had) down to two years. This has affected all the NGOs in Israel in a dramatic way.  Anyone who has been in the country for more than two years on a volunteer visa is required to leave immediately. Already Peter and I have said good bye to good friends and are getting ready to say good bye to more.  Succat Hallel has been affected by this and many other ministries in Israel are losing staff members right and left. Continue reading

Discovery – I’m Pregnant!

20 Jul

The first signs that made me think I was pregnant, before I was late, was that I hadn’t, ahem, gone to the bathroom – the important kind, for about three days.  This was serious for me – since I always go at LEAST once a day especially right in the morning.  So I thought, “what is wrong with me?”  Then I would get dizzy – intensely dizzy when I would stand up.  Plus, I had to pee twice in an hour. Typically I have a bladder like a horse and get annoyed by weaklings who for instance have to leave a movie to go pee; now I am that person.  Then the icing on the cake was when I got the weirdest sense of nausea that was unlike what I feel like when I am sick with the flu. Continue reading

Finding our Home

25 Jun


Enjoying a beautiful Seder meal with friends.

Catching Up

April was a busy month for us. Not only was the House of Peace booked solid the entire month (all the way through June) but Succat Hallel, one of the organizations we volunteer with was hosting a large indigenous (Christian Arabs and believing Jews) youth conference called “onething” with over 500 youth in attendance. Peter and I were involved in helping out with the conference. I was mostly doing graphics and behind the scenes work and Peter was practicing with the bands he was playing with for the conference. We were also set to host the VIP room of the conference – which was a private room set aside with good food, quiet corners and comfy couches for the speakers, musicians and tv/sound crew. But just two days before the conference my family had some frightening news. Continue reading

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