Doula Testimonials

“My husband and I hired Joy as our doula when our birth plans unexpectedly changed about seven weeks before my due date because I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia.  When I found out that, instead of birthing at a birthing center with my midwife as planned, I would be giving birth in a hospital with a doctor whom I hardly knew, I knew that I needed someone there to provide additional support.  We knew Joy through our childbirth education class and loved her calm and encouraging personality.  Hiring Joy as our doula immediately helped me feel more peaceful about the impending birth of our daughter.  Before birth, Joy gave us valuable and practical lessons (such how to swaddle a baby, diaper changing advice, etc) to us first time parents.  While in labor and throughout the birth process, Joy was there to provide me with constant support, encouragement, and reassurance.  I honestly feel that I would have ended up with a C-section if Joy had not been there to encourage and (gently) push me to go beyond what I thought I was capable of.   Joy ensured that the nurses and doctor respected my wishes, and she was determined to make sure that I had the best birth experience possible.   Joy’s serene demeanor was incredibly reassuring during the birth process.  Joy’s visits after we had gotten settled in at home were also quite beneficial as she provided me with breastfeeding advice and other helpful information.  Overall, I highly recommend Joy’s services to expectant parents.  She possesses a wealth of information and knowledge about all things pregnancy, birth, and parenting related. I am so thankful and lucky that she was a part of my daughter’s birth.”
-Jessica M
“I can’t imagine my birth without [Joy] present and with us at the hospital and encouraging me even through the surgery. She helped me figure out how to nurse my daughter for the first time and checked in with us at the hospital the next day and came to our house to help with breastfeeding. I wish I could have exchanged my doctors pay for my doulas pay. She was invaluable to me and my husband.”
– Sarah P

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