Our New Life in Denton, TX

7 Jan

Happy New Year!  We hope yours was a pleasant and restful holiday filled with hope and peace for the upcoming year.  Peter and I spent our Christmas holiday in Austin with my sister Alysa and a few close friends.  It was great to have an extended time to be with our friends and family, to reconnect, get refreshed and take a break before plunging into all the 2009 is bringing us.

University of North Texas
Peter starts school at University of North Texas on the 20th of January.  He’ll be taking 13 hours of classes as well as private music lessons, not to mention working on top of that.   He will be quite busy, but he’s pretty excited to be stepping into the academic world again.

Zoe Hallel Kusek
Our baby is due the 24th of February.  We’re having a girl and naming her Zoe Hallel Kusek.  Zoe is Greek for “life” and Hallel is a Hebrew word for “praise” and also a derivative of hallelujah.  Peter and I are getting very excited at the upcoming arrival of our daughter.  We can hardly believe we have only a little less than seven weeks left till she’s here.  I still feel like there’s a lot to do and so part of me is grateful for the time left.  However, lately I’ve been getting some sturdy kicks to my ribs and it’s making me feel ready to have her out.  :)


Peter, me, Nutmeg (and Zoe too), Thanksgiving day, in front of our house.

Life in the States
Our house is becoming a home.  We’re still working on getting it together, but it’s gradually looking like our place and feeling like our home.  The great thing is that it’s less than a block away from the music campus; we couldn’t have asked for a better commute for Peter.  Nutmeg loves her yard and spends her days watching for squirrels and birds.  She’s acclimated just fine to life in the states.  Peter and I are so happy we have her here with us.  She’s probably the best souvenir from Israel we’ve ever had.

We miss Israel.  Mostly we miss our dear friends, and of course my parents.  It was an intense season for us, and we are still processing everything that God did in our hearts this past year.  Sometimes our life there seems a million miles away, especially watching Israel’s current events unfold, but our hearts continue to pray for peace and God’s best for the people of Israel, both Jew and Arab.


My last Shabbat in Jerusalem, lighting the candles with our good friend, Naomi.

Grateful hearts.
Peter and I are so grateful for your friendship and love.  We have been blessed by your support and prayers this past year and pray that God continues to return to you all that you have given and more.  Thank you for being with us in it all.  It’s made a difference!

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