Birth Education Testimonials

“The best thing about Joy was that my husband really liked her!  Dragging my husband along to six weeks of birth classes wasn’t his favorite way to spend an evening but Joy made it much more enjoyable for him. She was very mellow and approachable.  Her guidance and stories of her own births and client births were very helpful and to the point.  She has a good sense of humor but addressed tough subjects very well.  I would definitely say that after the class we both felt very confident that we were well prepared to have a wonderful birth!  I would recommend her to my closest of friends.”

-Sandra M

“I was lucky enough to have Joy as an instructor for the “Birthing From Within” class I attended in spring of 2011. Joy is very knowledgeable on all things birth and babies, so my husband and I really learned a lot. I had decided about halfway through my pregnancy that I wanted to ‘try’ natural childbirth, so I was still scared out of my mind about the whole idea. I needed loads of information and great support if I was really going to commit, and boy did I get it, thanks to Joy.
 She was very pregnant at the time, so she could provide a really relevant point of view. I have to say, the best part of the whole class was when Joy brought her newborn baby boy and showed us proper nursing and swaddling technique. I had actually never seen a woman breastfeeding before, can you believe it? Just knowing this mother felt comfortable enough to nurse her baby with a group of women she hardly knew standing around her, it helped me feel confident in my own breastfeeding efforts.
With everything Joy taught me, the most important thing I took away was the knowledge that I could birth my baby without fear. Every woman, whether she is a first timer or on her 5th child, should take a birth class with Joy!  Your baby will thank you. “

– Tracey J.

“I wanted to let you know that our classes with Joy were fantastic. I immediately felt cared for and supported by this beautiful soul and knew that her shared wisdom was the next step on our path.  She answered questions I hadn’t realized I had and helped us explore aspects of labor and birth we hadn’t thought about. The information was great and the empowering knowledge was even better”

 – Sarah H

“The information and personal experiences you have shared over the last few weeks have blessed me very much. I greatly appreciate the honest and balanced way you have presented your knowledge and the evident care and concern you have expressed for all the families in our class.”

– Niki W.

“I had the pleasure of meeting Joy as an instructor of the 6 week birth class my husband and I participated in.  She was always very professional, informative, kind, and so willing to help.  I felt very comfortable knowing I could pull her aside and ask her anything about birth and parenting.  I also had the pleasure of interacting with her and her family at social outings.  It is obvious to see she is so kind, big-hearted, funny, down-to-earth, and an all around good soul.  She has a huge wealth of knowledge in all things pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and parenting.  I would highly recommend her in any capacity as a birth professional including birth assistant, doula, lactation support person, instructor and postpartum recovery consultant.”

– Lindsey S.

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