Joy’s Top Ten Most Read Posts of 2013

31 Dec

Top Ten Posts of 2013
10. Pushing and Beyond | Tips for the 2nd Stage of Labor: I talk about practical ways a doula and or loved one can support a woman when she’s pushing in a typical hospital setting – I cover everything from where to stand and what to say to a mother in between contractions. Like I said, very practical.

pushing and beyond tips for the second stage of labor

9. Simple Tips That Reveal Your Newborn Is Full: When newborns are hungry their body language show clear signs of this hunger long before they start crying; likewise when babies are full their body language tells us this too. I have two infographics on this link which describe these hunger and fullness cues.

Breastfeeding tip open hands

8. I Encapsulated My Placenta | Pictures Included: I show – in great detail – the encapsulation process of my placenta from my son’s birth. I also talk about the benefits I experienced from ingesting it. This link has seriously graphic placenta photos – I know some of y’all like that though. ;)

she ate her placenta

7. The Best Parenting Advice I Ever Received Wasn’t Spoken: I talk about how broken and helpless I felt during the early days of my son’s colic and the things that helped me cope the most. Hint: good friends who knew not to give advice but to simply be present.


6. Mother-Led Weaning | How and Why I Gently Weaned My Son: I share my story of gently weaning my almost 18-month-old son, Noah. I give tips on what worked for us and I also talk about my personal reasons for weaning.

Mother led weaning

5. How I Learned to Support A Mother’s Choice Not To Breastfeed: I share a very personal experience that fostered more compassion and respect in my heart towards mothers who choose not to breastfeed.

bottle fed baby

4. How I Survived Babydom | 17 Must-Have Baby Items: I give a list of my favorite baby items that best helped me navigate motherhood.


3. How to Help a Woman in Labor: Simple hands on tips for new doulas and or partners on ways to best support a woman in her labor. This is also good for expectant moms to read as well – I offer lots of labor coping tips.

Photo by Lena Pettus

2. How to Tell if it’s Labor and Other Tips: This one I wrote way back in 2010, and it’s still a favorite among readers. Lots of little bits of advice to help you know what’s what in birth.

How to tell if it's labor and other tips

1.Birth Sensations & Protecting The Perineum Through It All: This one gets down to the nuts and bolts of pushing and what it feels like. I offer suggestions, tips and explanations on how to push effectively without damaging the perineum.



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