First Ultrasound – Amazing!

22 Aug

Peter and I just got back from our first ultrasound. Pretty amazing for us to see the baby for the first time!! And it is just one baby, not twins. I was concerned briefly that I might be having twins, because that would be my luck (runs in my family).

Dr. Klaus was amused and commented that he had never seen a baby so active before in the womb. Our baby was constantly doing somersaults. The Dr. had a difficult time taking measurements and getting good pictures because the baby NEVER stayed still. Eventually he did get a measurement and said that I am approx 13 weeks and five days. So a whole week ahead of where I thought I was and a few days away from being out of my first trimester (according to some books I’m already out of my 1st trimester, but whatever, I still feel like puking a lot so they LIE). He also pointed out that though it’s early there are very clear indications that we have a little boy on our hands. I’ve never looked at an ultrasound before, but even I could tell that there were uh…balls attached.

Peter said the experience was amazing, he was fighting tears. I was teary eyed, but hard to get too emotional when you have a camera on stick up your hoo ha. Regardless, it was great and the Dr. spent lots of time with us and said that everything looks great and baby looks healthy (so glad to hear!). Heart is strong!

I swear and I can tell that the baby looks like peter, same shaped head exactly.


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