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Art Exhibit: The Birth Project, Amanda Greavette

6 Nov

Please note this is not my work.  This is the stunning work of Amanda Greavette.

I found this artist courtesy of a blog I follow called Dr. Momma.  The painter is Amanda Greavette.  Greavette perfectly captures the emotions of a woman during and after labor.  Each life size portrait is a provocative and beautifully intimate rendering of the awe inspiring work of birth – the journey of maiden to mother.  I hope her work speaks to you like it does to me. Continue reading

Birth With Photos

21 Jul

I had the pleasure of assisting a fabulous couple with their fist birth back in June. They sent me a few pictures to share with you. This strong mother labored like a pro.  Not only did she give birth early, but her entire labor and birth was about three hours. Lucky girl!  (This was also the day that I had two mommas give birth, so I was grateful for a short labor.) Continue reading

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