Birth With Photos

21 Jul

I had the pleasure of assisting a fabulous couple with their fist birth back in June. They sent me a few pictures to share with you. This strong mother labored like a pro.  Not only did she give birth early, but her entire labor and birth was about three hours. Lucky girl!  (This was also the day that I had two mommas give birth, so I was grateful for a short labor.)

While pushing, we noticed baby wasn’t coming down quite as nicely as we needed and in a slightly awkward position. So, we had momma stand up and push in a supported squat. She pushed this way through several contractions, which was just enough to get the baby in a better position and then we were cooking.

Pushing while in a supported squat.

Resting between pushing contractions.

Welcome to the world Baby E!

One Response to “Birth With Photos”

  1. Des July 21, 2010 at 3:44 am #

    so amazing! but sort of made me cringe since I am SO settled on going natural my next birth… the pictures made me think OUCH even though she didn’t look in immense pain… ahh!

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