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My Favorite Pregnancy Products – Part II

13 Feb

So, I’m still handing out imaginary awards here.  My number two award goes to yet another Howling Wolf Herbs Product.  It is the Heartburn and Indigestion tea.  For any woman who has been pregnant or is pregnant now, you understand the misery of heartburn, the type of heartburn that wakes you from a sound sleep at three in the morning and cannot be relieved from Tums, Papaya Enzymes, or both.  This tea makes it all better.  I make a large batch of this once a week and drink it cold. I enjoy a glass with dinner and usually have a glass before I go to bed, as well.  Generally that’s enough to prevent heartburn from showing up at all, but if it does, I keep a glass of it by my bedside and drink it if I wake with heartburn, and after a few moments the heartburn is gone.


Worry is the Work of Pregnancy

11 Feb

Please note, this blog post is a portion taken directly from chapter three of Birthing From Within, an excellent book on childbirth preparation written by Pam England.

Worry is the Work of Pregnancy

Our study group in Albuquerque resisted when Dr. Lewis Mehl, a psychologist who specializes in childbirth-related issues said, “worry is the work of pregnancy.”  We were all holding onto the notion that women who appear relaxed, confident and together, birth normally.

We were intrigued by his story about a childbirth class in Georgia.  There were six couples in that class. One of the couples was particularly concerned about how to avoid a Cesarean birth.  Every week, they stretched the patience of their childbirth teacher with questions.  Later, at the group’s postpartum reunion, every one was amazed that the couple who had worried so much about a Cesarean birthed normally, while the five couples who had sat quietly all had Cesareans!

In the years to follow, my midwifery practice taught me that for some women, worry is the work of pregnancy.  In fact, an over-confident first-time mom who thinks she has it all figured out, worries me.  I worry she will not be truly prepared for what awaits her.

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My Childbirth Question

10 Nov

Me, 16 weeks pregnant with my son.

I saw a shoulder dystocia.  A really, really scary and incredibly severe one.  It was early in my current pregnancy when I attended this birth and watching it unfold before me, calling 911 for emergent transfer, and breathing the thank-god-sigh-relief everyone is okay but I’ll never be the same again, scared the hell out of me.  For HIPAA reasons I cannot disclose further details, though I will say mom and baby ended up okay thanks to some savvy moves of two very quick thinking and talented CNMs. After the birth I went home and cried and wondered if I had what it takes to work in this field. Continue reading

So, You Want Natural Childbirth?

31 May

We have a secret in our culture, and it’s not that birth is painful. It’s that women are strong. Laura Stavoe Harm

I have met a lot of mothers that say, “I would like to have a natural childbirth, but we’ll see how it goes once I’m in labor.”  Whenever I hear that it’s hard for me to think that it’ll work out.  You see, If you desire a natural childbirth, you need to commit to it prior to the onset of your labor.  You need to do your research and know the facts, because when everyone tells you how crazy you are, or when you get scared, you must believe in why you’re choosing natural childbirth and that you are able to do this. Here’s what I recommend for those exploring natural childbirth and it’s not What to Expect When You’re Expecting (just go ahead and use that book as a paperweight). Continue reading

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