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My Childbirth Question

10 Nov

Me, 16 weeks pregnant with my son.

I saw a shoulder dystocia.  A really, really scary and incredibly severe one.  It was early in my current pregnancy when I attended this birth and watching it unfold before me, calling 911 for emergent transfer, and breathing the thank-god-sigh-relief everyone is okay but I’ll never be the same again, scared the hell out of me.  For HIPAA reasons I cannot disclose further details, though I will say mom and baby ended up okay thanks to some savvy moves of two very quick thinking and talented CNMs. After the birth I went home and cried and wondered if I had what it takes to work in this field. Continue reading

I’m famous. Kinda.

20 Jul

Okay, not really.  But I was asked to be a part of a short student documentary* on natural childbirth.  So, take a peek and let me know what you think.  Zoe makes her film debut, too.

*Produced in UNT RTVF Summer Documentary Workshop. Copyright belongs to Felicia Cordova & Samantha Jahansouzshahi.

The Doula High

3 May

I took this test and passed.

I never expected to become so engulfed in learning.  I feel like a happy binge eater.  I’m gobbling every delicious morsel of knowledge about labor and birth I can and loving every moment.  I’ve got so much information I’m spewing it out Peter while we (ahem) “cuddle in bed.”  I’m teaching him about the cervix and the wonders of the uterus and how the shape and size of a woman’s foot can give good information on how easily she’ll birth. (*see below for info about this)  He’s very patient with me. Continue reading

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