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So, You Want Natural Childbirth?

31 May

We have a secret in our culture, and it’s not that birth is painful. It’s that women are strong. Laura Stavoe Harm

I have met a lot of mothers that say, “I would like to have a natural childbirth, but we’ll see how it goes once I’m in labor.”  Whenever I hear that it’s hard for me to think that it’ll work out.  You see, If you desire a natural childbirth, you need to commit to it prior to the onset of your labor.  You need to do your research and know the facts, because when everyone tells you how crazy you are, or when you get scared, you must believe in why you’re choosing natural childbirth and that you are able to do this. Here’s what I recommend for those exploring natural childbirth and it’s not What to Expect When You’re Expecting (just go ahead and use that book as a paperweight). Continue reading

My First Birth As A Doula

30 May

Artwork by Marlene L’Abbe

My cell phone rings at exactly 3:26 AM.  I reach for my phone on my bed stand – the same way you wave your hand back and forth trying to pull the string attached to the light bulb in a dark closet – hit or miss.  Finally, I find the phone.  X is calling.  She needs my assistance.  In an instant I am wide awake – adrenaline pumping.  I dress and brush my teeth, pull my hair back in a low pony tail, and put on my favorite earrings – a pair of sterling silver wings that inspire me.  I decide to put my game face on, which means some good lipstick and mascara.  I pack a lunch,  look over my doula bag, and grab my camera.  I make sure I have X’s files and my doula handbook.  I kiss Peter and quietly shut the front door. Continue reading

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