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My Favorite Pregnancy Products – Part II

13 Feb

So, I’m still handing out imaginary awards here.  My number two award goes to yet another Howling Wolf Herbs Product.  It is the Heartburn and Indigestion tea.  For any woman who has been pregnant or is pregnant now, you understand the misery of heartburn, the type of heartburn that wakes you from a sound sleep at three in the morning and cannot be relieved from Tums, Papaya Enzymes, or both.  This tea makes it all better.  I make a large batch of this once a week and drink it cold. I enjoy a glass with dinner and usually have a glass before I go to bed, as well.  Generally that’s enough to prevent heartburn from showing up at all, but if it does, I keep a glass of it by my bedside and drink it if I wake with heartburn, and after a few moments the heartburn is gone.


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