Overdue and Stressed

3 Mar
Peter and me, pictured together on Zoe's due date. We're on our way to see Dave Brubeck perform.

Peter and me, pictured together on Zoe’s due date. We’re on our way to see Dave Brubeck perform.

I met with my wonderful midwife today, Betty, she’s fabulous, super motherly and very reassuring and gentle. Peter came with and I was so glad he was there. She really encouraged me to STOP STRESSING, because it can keep me from labor.

You see, I actually have two due dates. One was last week, Feb 24, based on all my earliest ultra sounds, etc. The second was March 4th based on the wheel dooda, chart thingy (you know what i mean). So, after she talked some sense into me, she examined me, and swept my membranes as best as she could, Zoe is still relatively high and she wasn’t quite able to do her magic. It was not bad at all. I wont go into details, but I’ve dealt with worse pain just having a my cuticles trimmed. Ok not really. SIGH…I am still only 2 centimeters dilated, but my cervix is very soft. (Though if the midwives heard me say “only” they would get on to me.)

I had a non stress test (which I’ve mistakenly called a stress test this whole time – ironic huh), and Zoe is GREAT. Still lots of fluid in there and she’s doing everything she should be. Good girl. I sneezed in the middle of my test and I was able to hear Zoe’s heart race right after, it was kinda cute.

I will have an ultra-sound tomorrow morning to be extra sure she’s alright and everything is okay in there. My mom will come with as Peter is in class all day. Afterward, I will go to the birthing center and set a date (most likely next Tuesday) to be induced the birthing center way, which involves primrose oil inserted in the cervix, sweeping the membranes, pumping, and walking – they do this over and over in a cycle and you keep doing it till regular labor begins. They say 99 percent of the time this works. If all else fails, I will be sent to the hospital. I’m believing that this won’t be necessary, in fact, I’m hoping to go into labor naturally before next Tuesday.

Yesterday was a day full of contractions, not just the wimpy kind, but serious kick your butt down the road, kind. I was in fact, thinking at one point I was in actual labor, but the contractions stopped after about an hour or so.

So, I’m not supposed to stress – this is hard because I’m a obsessive thinker married to an even greater obsessive thinker and there are a few things going on in our life right now that would cause even the heartiest of optimists to be concerned. But, I am really really trying to stay in a place of peace and faith. It’s not that easy, I’ll be honest.

Your prayers, thoughts, good vibes, funny comments, excessive compliments, gift certificates to Macys, ice cream bars, etc. are needed and appreciated – send them my way.

May He send you help from the sanctuary…
Psalm 20:2a

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