25 Things About Me

28 Jan

1. I met my husband, Peter, through Eharmony. Being married has been far easier than I ever imagined.

2. I distrust those who don’t apologize well or can’t at all. I believe forgiveness is always necessary, but reconciliation is not always required

3. I had have the same set of colored pencils since I was in middle school. My Aunt lee bought them for my brother (they are a VERY nice art set of 100+ colors) and i “stole” them from him. I’ve used them ever since.

4. My freshman year I was voted most likely to be stuffed into a trash can or locker, my junior year I was student council president, and my senior year voted most likely to succeed along with Robert Fowler.

5. I enjoy watercolor painting and am fairly good at it, though I rarely do it.

6. My favorite advice from my grandmother was, “Shit and get off the pot.”

7. I have lost 60+ pounds through healthy diet and exercise (and kept it all off). Because of this, i believe you can do whatever you put your mind to, though it always helps to be happy on the inside first.

8. I was awarded a full four year theater scholarship my senior year but turned it down. I didn’t want to be a theater major and I didn’t want to stay in Arkansas.

9. I’ve never enjoyed math, and sometimes can’t even remember my multiplication table.

10. Other advice that I try to live by from my grandmother is, “A clean kitchen and a clean bathroom makes your whole house seem clean.”

11. I get extremely nervous playing guitar and singing, but LOVE to do this.

12. My great, great, great somebody is Franz Xaver Gruber, the man who composed the music for ‘Silent night.’

13. I’ve had a stuffed tiger since childhood named Tigey – I loved this animal so much but I did pick his eyes off (probably so he would never leave me).

14. I am intensely private about some matters of my heart, so it’s hard for me to really trust someone, and it can take me many years before you gain my complete trust.

15. I have an amazing story to tell about a pregnant goat. If you haven’t heard it, you need it.

16. I have never lived anywhere longer than 4 years. I’ve traveled to over 23 countries, lived in cyprus for 4 years, Israel for 1 and spent a summer in Europe. All before the age of 30.

17. My mom learned to play the guitar while pregnant with me.

18. I once had stage fright so bad that after I left the stage I went directly to the bathroom and threw up.

19. I feel utterly unprepared to be a mother, and am worried about losing my independence. Somehow though, I doubt this will be the case when I see my daughter for the first time.

20. I have been stepped on, not lightly, but had my stomach stomped on by Jonathan as he was in mid run. I have also slammed into a tree while riding a red moped (this was also Jonathan’s fault).

21. I didn’t learn to drive till after high school and was taught to drive a stick shift while living in Lafayette, Indiana by a farm boy named Jacob. We spent many (harmless) hours on back roads driving (or stalling out) between cornfields. His family sold me my first car, which was a five speed Volkswagen rabbit, painted primer gray. She got 50 miles to the gallon (hello diesel). I called her Thunder Bunny. When the lights worked the radio didn’t and when the radio worked the lights didn’t.

22. My first and only car accident was in Israel – I stopped for a yellow and the man behind me did not – we were both okay, fortunately.

23. My only broken bone happened in 9th grade when I fell off of Liorah’s horse, Nebulous.

24. I had a HUGE crush on Kevin Bacon when I was in first grade and sang the theme song to ‘Footloose’ at the top of my lungs in friend’s yard hoping to prove to my friend how I loved Kevin more than she did, cuz i knew the words to the song.

25. As a little girl, I would dissect dead garden snakes I found in our yard. I also searched for slugs under rocks and put salt on them and watched them shrink before my eyes. I still cringe when I think that i did that to those poor slugs.

Yes, that’s me my senior year and check out that hair.
Me, 6 years old, I think I have the same haircut today. I also think my mom let me dress myself. I bought those sunglasses at a garage sale down the street for a nickle and wore them as often as i could.

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