InDesign? Not So Much.

13 Mar

Wow.  What a first day.  I got my butt kicked by InDesign pros!  Today was my initial day working for PRG in their Art and Production department.  I was assigned a job converting a PA aptitude test from Quark to InDesign.  I had about 15 minutes explanation from my “trainer” and then they left me to it.

Needless to say, I had a rough go of it initially and all I wanted to do was call Peter and confess my need for moral support.  But by the end of the day, I got it down.  Or so I hope.  I believe that tomorrow will be better.  I was encouraged by my supervisor that the first days or so are rough generally; I smiled and nodded my head in agreement.

Ironic that it’s artists that learn these programs and the programs are sooo sooo mathematical and require huge concentration to detail.  I guess being in production is different than being in design (indesign – get it)

All in all, this job is a huge blessing and in working there the next 2.5 weeks will cover most if not all our expenses for this trip to Israel.  So I consider it a gift  – and believe that by God’s grace I will kick some InDesign butt!  :)

*Editors note: I got fired a few days later, for not kicking InDesign butt.  :(  I’m still reliving it, and feel like poo poo when I think about it.

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