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InDesign? Not So Much.

13 Mar

Wow.  What a first day.  I got my butt kicked by InDesign pros!  Today was my initial day working for PRG in their Art and Production department.  I was assigned a job converting a PA aptitude test from Quark to InDesign.  I had about 15 minutes explanation from my “trainer” and then they left me to it.

Needless to say, I had a rough go of it initially and all I wanted to do was call Peter and confess my need for moral support.  But by the end of the day, I got it down.  Or so I hope.  I believe that tomorrow will be better.  I was encouraged by my supervisor that the first days or so are rough generally; I smiled and nodded my head in agreement.

Ironic that it’s artists that learn these programs and the programs are sooo sooo mathematical and require huge concentration to detail.  I guess being in production is different than being in design (indesign – get it)

All in all, this job is a huge blessing and in working there the next 2.5 weeks will cover most if not all our expenses for this trip to Israel.  So I consider it a gift  – and believe that by God’s grace I will kick some InDesign butt!  :)

*Editors note: I got fired a few days later, for not kicking InDesign butt.  :(  I’m still reliving it, and feel like poo poo when I think about it.

My Boring Life

9 Mar

This is going to be brief…so I’ll just make little points.

Last Wednesday I lost my keys.

Last Thursday our car died

On Monday my keys were found

Today our car suddenly started.


In other news, I love my job.  I work as a graphic artist at a really great church (First Baptist Church of Austin) in the heart of downtown Austin.  The bonus, I feel very metro / cool when I walking to lunch downtown.

I also got a cool sexy job for the next three weeks working for a company call PRG in their Art department.  I will be working 8 hours a day and then come here to FBC to keep up with my other design projects.  I’ll be a busy little chicken for the next three weeks.

And then on the 30th of march at 11:40 Pm Peter and I will be flying out of Austin for Israel!  We’ll be there for two whole months.

Peter is in the process of buying a new instrument. A dobro.  Which i’m super excited about.

South by South West is happening soon, only the biggest musical gathering and industry thing around.  Austin will be crazy, or so I’m told.  And the shows will be fabuloooosoooo.  I’ll be working all the time and doubt that I’ll be able to see any free shows…but who knows.

Okay that’s news from me.

love to all who read this.


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