We Made it – Israel.

1 Apr

we have posted our pictures from today here.

Our first day in Israel

We made it!  After 17 longs hours, and three different countries we arrived in Tel-Aviv.  Our first day was spent mostly sleeping, jet lag brings with it the type of heavy sleep that makes you feel more like you are dreaming when you’re awake then when you sleep.

My friends live in a Moshav and have a quaint little farm near Jerusalem.   We had home-made challah for breakfast, smoked fish and vodka for lunch and snacked on fresh strawberries and cream for dinner.

Somewhere in between our sleeping we ventured out of the house and walked around the neighborhood (this neighborhood is mentioned in Joshua 15, as the home of Samson).  A friend of ours came with us, and took us on a beautiful trail that led to an artful holocaust memorial.

It’s about 11pm now and we are listening to Son House on the CD player and trying to stay warm.  It’s a little cold in these Judean hills at night.

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