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Breastfeeding Mom Look

5 Jan

Just a day in the life of an ordinary breastfeeding mom.  Ever find yourself walking around the house, forgetting to clasp your bra hooks back? I hate it when I go out in public like this.  Surely I’m not the only one!

Yep, that's me wearing another one of my up-cycled nursing bras.

How To Convert a Regular Bra Into a Nursing Bra

4 Jan

I look for cheap nursing bras at thrift stores and snatch those up, (pay no mind to the quality or the size of them- it’s the hardware that you want from them). I cut out the clips and straps from them and sew them into my bras that already fit me well.

Please keep in mind, I wear wire bras. I know that the trick with a wire bra is to have a proper fit.  The wire should not dig into any of your breast tissue  – meaning the wire should lay on your rib cage, just outside of your breast.  When you’ve got full breasts wearing a wireless bra is not always an option – they just don’t support the girls the same way a wire does.  Please remember, if you do start wearing a wire nursing bra to do it *after* your engorgement stage.

Not sure on your fit to begin with – especially while nursing? Then check out my post on finding the right fit for you:  You Might Be Wearing The Wrong Size Bra.

Here’s some photo examples of one of my (finished) converted bras:

My homemade nursing bra. Click on the image to view it larger.

You can see how I hand stitched the claps in. Click on the image to view it larger.

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