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Binsi Prima Mama Birth Skirt Winner Announced

15 Nov

Thanks to everyone who participated!  I’m now convinced that we’ve got a lot of women out there who know that birthing in a skirt is the way to go.  So, without further ado, our winner is Lara Scott who said in her comment,

I had my eye on this skirt back w/baby #4….now pregnant and due in early feb w/#5 I’d kill for one of these! My midwife passed this blog on to me! thanks!!! We’ll be birthing in the birthing center again! I can’t say enough wonderful things about the experience I had there! Can’t wait! (well sort of hahaz)”

Congratulations to our winner, Laura!  I hope you enjoy your Binsi Prima Mama Birth Skirt!  And for those who didn’t win, stay tuned for another great birth giveaway coming soon!

Binsi Prima Mama Birth Skirt Giveaway

9 Nov

As I spend time thinking about what my second labor will look like, I’m reflecting a lot on my first one.  I was nine days past due, my labor was ten hours, start to finish.  Zoe was OP – which gave me a good dose of back labor  (I had bruises the next day from all the counter pressure I asked my husband to apply to my back with a rolling-pin.)  I pushed for 27 minutes and my daughter graced me with a compound presentation that gave me a second degree tear on my labia.  Nice, huh.  And yes, I just said “my labia” on the world-wide inter-webs. Continue reading

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