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Is There A Difference?

29 Mar

“You’re all belly.” I keep getting that this time around.  I haven’t thought too much about how I’ve been carrying this pregnancy, but lately with the slew of recent comments, from strangers and friends alike and then tonight, when my doula friend, Marissa, mentioned my basketball belly, she asked me how I carried with Zoe and I couldn’t really remember. So I went back and looked at old pictures and found one of me pregnant with Zoe at almost the same stage I am now.  Maybe there’s truth in the old wives tale about boys carrying all up front. Either way I’ll let you decide, I’m not certain I see a huge difference, other than the fact that I’ve gained less weight this pregnancy than with my first. Here are pics of me at 37.5 weeks pregnant with my first and 37.4 weeks pregnant with my current.

37.5 weeks pregnant with my daughter.

37. 4 weeks pregnant with my son.

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