Is There A Difference?

29 Mar

“You’re all belly.” I keep getting that this time around.  I haven’t thought too much about how I’ve been carrying this pregnancy, but lately with the slew of recent comments, from strangers and friends alike and then tonight, when my doula friend, Marissa, mentioned my basketball belly, she asked me how I carried with Zoe and I couldn’t really remember. So I went back and looked at old pictures and found one of me pregnant with Zoe at almost the same stage I am now.  Maybe there’s truth in the old wives tale about boys carrying all up front. Either way I’ll let you decide, I’m not certain I see a huge difference, other than the fact that I’ve gained less weight this pregnancy than with my first. Here are pics of me at 37.5 weeks pregnant with my first and 37.4 weeks pregnant with my current.

37.5 weeks pregnant with my daughter.

37. 4 weeks pregnant with my son.

3 Responses to “Is There A Difference?”

  1. Tracey March 29, 2011 at 11:06 pm #

    You’re definitely both smaller and lower this time around. I can’t tell a difference at all with my bellies from boys to girls, but I certainly was bigger faster with #2 and #3.

  2. Michelle March 30, 2011 at 7:25 am #

    Does the lower have anything to do with the fact that you already had a baby?

    But you are definitely smaller than you were with Zoe! You also forgot to mention that starting off with baby boy you weighed less than you did when you got pregnant with Zoe. And you have been WAY more active with this pregnancy than with Zoe, those double hip squeezes and auscultations are hard work, even for a non-pregnant birth professional!

    Either way, you look GREAT. Seriously, freakin’ fantastic.

    Love you.

    • Joy March 30, 2011 at 8:52 am #

      Thanks, MEEEEEEEchelle. I remember learning somewhere that babies actually drop sooner with first time moms. But I can’t recall exactly why that’s the case. So yes, you’re right, I forgot that I weighed less starting out with this guy then when I did with Zoe, but it was only about three pounds, which for me, I can have a three pound weight difference in 24 hours if I haven’t gone to the bathroom! Okay just kidding, that’s not really true. That’s disgusting actually. But without question, chasing a toddler and working this pregnancy has kept me from gaining the extra 8-10 pounds I did with Zoe.

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