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Happy 33rd birthday to me! I’m pregnant!

6 Mar


I promised months ago, in this post that I would tell you all how I found out I was pregnant with baby number two.  I had thought that I lost all my photos from this memorable night when my old lap top died and as a result I had lost momentum to blog about it. You see, the pictures tell the story better than I ever could.  In fact, just Tuesday night I was sharing with some friends how sad I was that these pictures were gone.  Well, today, I stumbled across an old camera chip, and when I popped it in, there they all were, photos from my 33rd birthday and the night I found out, surprisingly, that I was pregnant. Continue reading

My Fears Got Mean Fingers

20 Oct

I’m feeling it.  That oh my God desperation.  What will I do and how will I manage it?  This pregnancy has brought out some old memories from the back of my mind – they’ve stirred up my fears and given them fingers and these mean fingers have pulled open a closet door that leads to a box full of lonely emotions that I packed away about 12 months ago. While Peter and I intended on trying for a second baby this year, we also thought it would take us a lot longer to get pregnant.  I definitely didn’t think it would happen on the first try.  But what do I know? Sometimes you just get lucky.  I should have known, I got pregnant way too easily with Zoe, but I thought it was a fluke, especially since we weren’t officially trying.  Long story, but you can read bits of it here,  here and here. Continue reading

Why I Love Texas

13 May

I’m not from Texas.  I’m not from anywhere really.  We moved around a lot growing up because my Father was an officer in the Navy.  My brother was born in WA,  my Sister was born in Italy, and I was born in FL, we were all born within five years, so you get the picture. After the Navy, my parents became involved in ministry and we moved around because of that. My dad was the Assistant Pastor of different churches and home groups through the Mid-West.  We finally settled in the Ozark Mountains of North Arkansas when I was 13, which is a story in itself, but for another time.  I think I’m a gypsy deep in my heart and the idea of living somewhere for a long time feels unnatural.  I mean, there’s a whole world out there to see and experience, why would you ever want to be in one place for too long? Continue reading

Pleading to Land

11 Jan

We dreamed large mouth-watering dreams tonight.

He and I,

Under the muse of the Gillian Welch and candlelight.

With baby squeals and dog begs,

We thought aloud.

There’s been so much abasing

Could we even remember how to abound?

A full body tattoo of abasement,

Surely we’re almost done?

Probably not. Hopefully so.

God is a pilot

circling the runway

While you stare down

at the city of your dreams

pleading to land.

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