Happy 33rd birthday to me! I’m pregnant!

6 Mar


I promised months ago, in this post that I would tell you all how I found out I was pregnant with baby number two.  I had thought that I lost all my photos from this memorable night when my old lap top died and as a result I had lost momentum to blog about it. You see, the pictures tell the story better than I ever could.  In fact, just Tuesday night I was sharing with some friends how sad I was that these pictures were gone.  Well, today, I stumbled across an old camera chip, and when I popped it in, there they all were, photos from my 33rd birthday and the night I found out, surprisingly, that I was pregnant.

Let me give you the brief rundown of the evening.  My parents were visiting from Israel, and my sister came in from Austin to celebrate with us.  Amanda, Marissa and Kristen, friends of mine here in Denton were joining us for the evening. Peter had run across the street to our dollar store. He bought me a lovely pink … “cap” and a banner that said Feliz Cupleaños, Hawaiian leis and of all things, balloons that had the words Baby Shower printed on them. If anyone knows Peter, they know he loves to be random.  To be fair, he also bought me some awesome silver hoops, a beautiful necklace and the shirt I’m wearing in the photos below.

We started the night out with home-made margaritas that Peter made, wine, and several rousing games of Apples to Apples.  From there we enjoyed cake and ice-cream.  By this point, it was starting to get late but the ladies and I weren’t quite ready for the evening to end.  So, the original idea was to go across the street to Rockin’ Rodeo, but when we thought about the fact that we might be the only women there over 30 we scrapped the idea.  So, what’s a group of girls to do? “I know!” I said, “I was supposed to start my period today and I didn’t. What if we all drive to Walgreens and I’ll buy a pregnancy test?”  SOLD!!!  We piled in one of the three mini-vans parked outside my house (hello mom cars!) and Marissa, our designated and sober driver, drove us down the road to Walgreens.  I should mention that the entire drive I’m trying my best to convince the ladies how not pregnant I am and how this is stupid that we are doing this and we should have gone to Rockin’ Rodeo instead.  They proceed to tell me just how pregnant I am, female intuition is strong, that it doesn’t hurt to check, because you just never know and not to ruin the fun.

When we arrive at Walgreens Marissa leads us straight to the pregnancy tests (mother of four knows where those bad boys are) opens the box, hands me a test, and tells me to go to the bathroom. She heads to the register to pay for the opened box of goods.  Seeing how I had several margaritas by this point, I actually really did need to pee, so why not pee on stick?  Alysa and Amanda followed me in to the bathroom.  I stood in the stall opened the package and hovered over the toilet, while maintaining contact with the device. (Isn’t that a nice way of saying what I did?)

Before I had time to properly button my jeans, the second line popped up in the small window of the pregnancy test and all I could say was, “Oh, my God, oh my God, oh my God!”  Just about this time Marissa pops through the door in time to hear my sister squealing and Amanda laughing. It was obvious that I was pregnant. I walk out of the stall holding the stick in one hand and my other hand is covering my mouth.

After some major freaking out in the Walgreens bathroom that, I am sure, could be heard through the entire store, we piled back in the van and headed home.  I was in complete shock!

We walk through the door and my mom is standing in her robe and says, “So?”  She knows the answer by the look on my face.  By this time, Peter and my Dad are already in bed, but I wake them both and have them come out to the living room to announce the news to everyone.

Happy 33rd birthday to me, I’m pregnant!  Surprise!

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5 Responses to “Happy 33rd birthday to me! I’m pregnant!”

  1. ElisabethCS March 6, 2011 at 8:44 pm #

    THAT is SO funny!!! Similar thing happened to me, this last time around. We had been “trying” for a couple of months…had a hunch I might be preggo, but wasn’t even late yet… The night of my 32nd birthday, I’m all dressed up people, on their way over to go out and have cocktails for my big day…low and behold, I’m preggo!!! So guess who gets to be the DD for her birthday? Me, the winner! lol I was the winner…of my Gibson:)

    Cute story, thanks for sharing.


    • Joy March 30, 2011 at 8:54 am #

      Love your story!

  2. ElizabethFrank123 March 7, 2011 at 2:20 pm #

    That is such a funny story and what a great surprise that you found those pictures!

  3. Sarah Stephen June 29, 2011 at 11:32 am #

    this is the best story ever! Also, the party looks like my kinda party. Apples-to-apples and drinks, yes, please!


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