21 Tips for Facebook Page Admins

29 Jun

1. Fill out your “About” and “Description” in its entirety. Leaving it blank can indicate lack of involvement with  your page or clear vision for your page. Besides, people who like your page deserve to know what they’re liking.

2. Make your header photo unique and your own. Do not use blurry, stretched out, pixellated or overused images. If you need a Facebook header, I’ve created a slew of them for you right here (they are logo free, though a nice “thank you” is always appreciated).

3. Make certain that your profile pic is clear and readable when viewing it in the thread of the comment section. If not, find a new one.

Completed “About” for my readers to get to know me.

4. Keep your content fresh and interesting. Find unique content to provide to your viewers. Sometimes “sharing” the image that is going viral is the perfect thing to do. On the other hand when your page is nothing but image “shares” from high number pages, you are being an echo and not a voice. Find your own voice and run with it.

5. Share images properly. Here’s how, if you see an image you LOVE being shared, click “share.” Simple as that. This is absolutely the nicest thing you can do for another page. The great thing is that when the page admin views the “shares” their image has, they’ll see that you shared it, which means they’ve just noticed your page and will often “like” your page as a way to say thanks for sharing.

A sample of the pages that shared a meme I made. Keep your eyes on this, and go “Like” their page as a way of saying thanks.

6. Do not save an image to your phone/computer from another page and then share it on your wall without proper credit. A simple way to achieve proper image credit is to source the image with a tag or web address in the description portion of the photo.

Here’s how you can locate the right page or person to credit when sharing the image: look to see if there are any websites listed on the image. Go to that website, look to see if they have a Facebook button which will lead you to their page. Viola, tag their Facebook page when you post the image to your wall. If they don’t have a Facebook page, include a link to their website. If you can’t find any of that information, tag the source of where you found the image to begin with. If that source is icky, though, then of course, use your better judgement.

An example of a properly credited image.

Tagging the page where the image was originally shared.

Don’t worry, you won’t lose likes if you share the source of where you’re finding all of these clever memes and images. The only thing that will occur is that the person who likes your page may ending up liking the other page as well as yours and that’s okay.

7. Find ways to make relationships with other pages. When you have another page like your page it suddenly increases your chances of having the content you share on your page, whether that’s articles or images, getting shared on their page, too. The quickest way to do that is by properly “sharing” images or posts with tags as mentioned above. (When a page shares my content with credit, I like to always return the favor.) You can stop by the page you admire (logged in as your page’s username, not your personal account) and thank them for providing such great content, or comment on a post here and there that you connected with. Perhaps you can take a second and say, “Thanks, this is great.” if they post an article or blog that you plan to share on your page, too. While that “share” button is wonderful, don’t forget to let another page know when they post content you enjoy. It goes a long way in establishing synergy among pages.

Pages who have liked my page

8. Avoid drama. Do not talk about how hateful your life is. Do not make dying pleas for more fans. Do not offend your viewers. If something happens on your wall that you don’t agree with, delete it, and be done with it. Do not smear the drama that happened behind the scenes on your page all over your status updates.

9. Find tactful ways of approaching tender topics. For instance, don’t tear down other individuals by talking about how stupid they are for their choices. Rather use you passion as an opportunity to engage and educate. Leave “stupid individual” out of it and post an informative and kind blog or status with tips for the subject matter you are passionate about.

10. Make a point to get to know who your viewers are. A successful page always has a community feel to it. Post questions on your wall that will engage your readers. “Let’s talk about you” questions are generally really successful in drawing comments. After all, everyone likes to talk about themselves! When you post questions asking for a person’s deeper thoughts on issues, you tend to have to wait a little longer for responses, and no one likes having a status update without a response.

11. Do not bombard viewers with the daily dozen Instagram pics of your shoes, purse, dirty toddler, duck face, or cup of coffee. Strive for quality vs. quantity.

12.  Create a folder on your desktop for all the goodies and topics you hope to post on. That way, you’ll never have an off day when you’re stumped for content. Plus, it will keep you from feeling the need to over post. Personally, there’s no faster way for me to unlike a page then when that page clogs up my feed through over posting.

My favorite URL Shortener, http://www.tiny.cc

13. Learn how to use a URL shortener. When sharing links on your pages or photos, avoid the sometimes long and messy URLs by using www.tiny.cc to make a clean, sweet and small URL. This will keep the attention on the information or image you’ve shared rather than the long URL.

14. Make sure your Facebook address is clean. It should always look like this, for example, www.facebook.com/thebirthinterviewproject or www.facebook.com/thejoyofthis.  If you your Facebook page address isn’t simply “facebook.com/yournamehere,” and instead you have numbers or symbols behind your address, you need to explore your settings and fix that, pronto. You can double check that your Facebook page address is as it should be very easily. Simply type in “www.facebook.com/(insert the name of your page here)” if your page doesn’t immediately pop up on the screen, and instead there’s an error sign you know you’ll need to adjust this. You can do this by going to the “Edit Page” options, then click “Update Info.” You’ll see a box for “Change Username.” Type the name of your page as it appears on your header.  Now click “Save Changes.” Done!

15. Make sure your Facebook page has a name that is easy to remember. Avoid clever capitilizations in the middle of the page name, punctuation in the middle of the name or foreign spellings. You’ll loose seekers from finding your name when they search for you in Facebook’s search bar. Keep the name of your page simple, original, and easy to remember.

Note the clean URL. This is what you want.

16. Let your readers get to know a little about you, too, and not just the content you share. Find ways to let viewers into your world, without it turning into a daily diary about what you’re eating or what your baby is eating.

17. Make a point to respond to viewers. If they post information or love notes on your wall, be responsive. Even a simple click of the “like” button goes a long way. This simple gesture makes a difference in keeping your viewers engaged, and it is always remembered.

18.  When you create and use a quote with an image, (meme) use clear and bold lettering. Imagine how your image will look smaller in your viewer’s Facebook feed. If your quote can still be read at a smaller percentage, without needing to click on it, you’ve succeeded in creating an effective meme.

A meme that I created with clear fonts and my complete information.

19. When you create a meme, include your website or Facebook information (another reason to make sure your Facebook web address is simple). Now you’ve just created a digital business card that promotes your business or page. Congratulations!

20. Give an introduction and explanation to any articles, blog posts and links that you share. Let me know why you liked it, and why I should read it. Explain the article, pull quotes from it if you need to, give me a way to engage with the post before I ever click on it. This keeps your feed from feeling like spam.

21.  Post clever, fun, insightful and original content. I can’t emphasize this enough. Be your own voice. I will go to great lengths to follow pages that offer unique content, that stand out from the crowd of other pages, and that share images that are rare, beautiful and properly credited and tagged. When you do that, you’ve just gained your most loyal fan.

Happy Facebooking,


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