The Birth Interview Project | Beth’s Medicated Hospital Birth – 8 Years Ago

7 Jan

The Birth Interview Project consists of 17 simple questions designed to help mothers process their birth story & share it with others. All mothers are invited to take part in this project. Born out of Joy’s desire to help women discover, process and express the  feelings surrounding their birth experiences, The Birth Interview Project strives to offer a platform for mothers and readers alike to share and be heard, to search and to discover, to identify and to heal, and to exhort and remember. The views and opinions expressed here are unique to each woman who takes part in the Birth Interview Project and may not always reflect the values of the blog author.

Hi readers! Here is Beth’s second interview.  If you want to catch up and get a little more familiar with Beth, go read her first interview by clicking here.

Please give a brief description of yourself, and what number baby/birth you’re sharing with us.

I am a mother of five describing the birth of my second child, 8 years ago.

Beth, in the hospital, ready to go

What was your due date, and what was your baby’s birth date?

EDD – January 2
Delivered – January 2

What was your baby’s weight and length?

Malachi Rene was 9 pounds 4 ounces, 21 inches long.

All smiles.

Please give a brief, one paragraph synopsis of your birth.

I could tell my contractions were becoming constant and building around 5am. I decided to watch the special features to the film “The Gospel of John” while allowing hubby to sleep a few more hours. He came out at 7am and I told him it was time to go to the hospital since contractions had been 4 minutes apart for an hour. I immediately requested an epidural since my water had not broken and my contractions were still quite bearable. The anesthesiologist could not maneuver the needle due to my minor scoliosis so I told God that if He didn’t let me have an epidural then He’d have to give me the grace to get through this. (What a stupid thing to say to the God of the universe, right?!) Well the third needle insertion worked and my OB broke my water. They told me the contractions were building and I believed them since the little whirring machine said so. I was quite happy to not be in pain so I sat back and waited with everyone else. They told me to push and I did. My second son was born after only 7 hours of labor beginning to end. He was the biggest baby I had ever seen. In fact, the first thing I said when I saw him was “That’s a BIG baby!”

What did you do to prepare for your labor and birth? Did it help?

I chose an OB and hospital that were much more modern than the first one I had with child number one. I am happy to have had such a caring and considerate staff.

What did you like about your birth experience, if anything?

I am so thankful to have delivered my very large son safely.

Sweet baby boy, Malachi!

What did you not like about your birth experience, if anything?

I did not like my ridiculous contract with God. I knew there was something more to this birth thing than plugging in and having someone else tell me when to push.

What surprised you about your contractions/labor?

I was surprised that even though they told me I could be paralyzed for life I still chose to have an epidural unnecessarily.

In reflection, would you do anything differently, either before the birth, during or after?

I have done many things differently. The most important one was seeking to know the God that made me to be a mother. He has all the answers as to how birth is supposed to be.

That's a big boy!

What do you remember the most about your birth?

I remember that I was so thankful that the epidural had spared me the physical stretching of that big baby. However, even though I pushed him out very quickly there were no tears and no episiotomy.

How was your birth experience different from what you imagined it to be like?

I thought I would be more satisfied with the epidural. I thought it would help me be a part of the experience since I was disconnected from the intensity. But it turns out that the experience cannot be dissected and parts removed without altering the entire lot.

What were your immediate emotions about yourself and or your birth experience after the birth?

I was disappointed that the epidural success was so important to my feeling of satisfaction.

How would you describe your recovery?

My recovery was uneventful.

Mother and son

How has your perspective of your birth experience with Malachi changed in the last 8 years since the first week of having him?

Malachi’s birth was the last hospital birth I had. I am so glad that he was healthy and unharmed by the establishment. God protected us even in our ignorance.

Did you learn anything about yourself through this experience?

I learned that choosing to be more in control was the opposite of what I really needed. I really needed to relinquish control to my Lord in order to have the experience I was built for.

Would you recommend having a natural childbirth or medicated childbirth to other women?

My hospital experiences were far less dramatic than most who later choose natural childbirth. I am so glad that it didn’t take me a tragedy to choose a better way.

Any further thoughts, comments or advice you would like to share?

Childbirth is not an illness…So why would I go to a hospital?

A proud father with his sons.

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