Nursing: Getting a Perfect Latch from the Start

20 Oct

On Saturday, I spent three hours with a mom and her brand new baby helping her learn the art of breastfeeding.  Both mom and dad came into the birth center frustrated and worn out with a baby that wasn’t getting fed because of a bad latch, and by the end of it they left with a well fed baby, information on proper latch and big smiles on their faces.  Getting a great latch from the start helps improve your feelings about being a capable mother and makes for one happy baby.  It’s so important to take the time, before the birth of your baby, to learn about breastfeeding and understanding what makes a good latch.

If you want a great instructional video that helps prepare or teach you about latch, click this link and watch the instructional video .  I also encourage you to take time to explore all the articles there about the basics of breastfeeding.  I promise you, it will give you an excellent head start on your breastfeeding adventures!  For the direct link, click or paste this into your browser:

Also, if you need solid breastfeeding resources online KellyMom is my favorite as well as La Leche League.  In fact, click here for a wonderful article from La Leche League on proper latch technique.

Happy breastfeeding!

2 Responses to “Nursing: Getting a Perfect Latch from the Start”

  1. Mommypotamus October 31, 2010 at 6:36 pm #

    Thanks for this. Katie’s latch was spot on 5 minutes after birth. Maybe it’s just been awhile but Micah’s doesn’t seem quite right. He swallows A LOT of air, which makes me think not. Gonna check these out.

    • Joy October 31, 2010 at 6:54 pm #

      Oh, I hope it get’s better for you. Let me know if the video was helpful.

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