Today Is Good

3 Mar

Five years ago, if you had said joy, you’ll live in Austin, be married to a super cool musician, get paid to be artistic, go kayaking on weekends, and have a personal trainer. I would have probably been struck with unbelief.

But today, it’s all true. Austin this time of year is perfect. I wish I could hit the pause button and keep it that way. In a month i’m sure it’ll be nice and swank with 100 degree hotness all around and i’ll be cursing the sun with my tight, squinted eyes.

Today it is good. Today I am thankful.

Next month will be one year and six months of marriage. And yes, we still feel like newlyweds. I think the allotted time is two years, so back off all of you who roll your eyes at this. We still got seven months of permitable time to be NW. And then after that, if it bother’s you find a hobby to keep your mind on better things.

Last weekend we went kayaking with Ann and Frank. Delightful except for ann’s peeling skin. seriously, layers of flesh falling of of her. Poor thing. We tried to feed pieces of it to her dog. (just kidding). From there we went to Baby A’s and i had the strongest Margarita i’ve ever had in my life. It knocked me flat. Apparently it had everclear in it. Hmm. And i went to bed that night at 7:30pm and slept till 7:30am. How’s that for beauty rest?

I also have a Personal Trainer. What in God’s name? I know you think it strange. But i felt like it was time to get serious. I mean, grunt and push through the pain serious. I mean sweat pouring from your arms serious. I mean collapsing into the fetal position when it’s done serious (sing with me “i enjoy being a girl”). So far, it’s been challenging but also really rewarding. Everyone should have a trainer. I don’t wish for world peace anymore, I wish for a personal trainer for everyone. – cue good music and dancing tigers as oprah hands out free personal trainers.

Peter and I are moving. The news is out. We’ll be gone by the 22nd of June. Come visit us in Israel if you want. If ya aint scard. Find us and we’ll tell you more.

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