Drug Induced Sleep

10 Feb

That’s right Bob. I slept till noon.

Well, I did get up at 5:30am grinding my teeth so I surfed the web for dental insurance options, and then I had breakfast with peter, a delicious bowl of oatmeal (that he made). He left for work around 6:30am and then I went back to bed – and slept till noon and had the most prolific dreams, such as being a spy (a normal dream for me) and a water gymnast, whatever that means.

I’m sick with something. It could be the flu but i’m not sure. I could go to the doctor, but it’s such a bother, because well, these things just go away after a while.

I had one of the busiest weeks of work ever. Working till 6-7pm most of nights this week because of several print deadlines, and being sick just wasn’t an option. So when last night came, i welcomed the chance to finally acknowledge how crappy i felt…

R and R…that’s it for me. You won’t see me this weekend cuz I look and feel horrible (see picture). And honestly, you don’t want to see me, because I might sneeze on you – eeew.

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