Strip Poker

22 Oct

Oh…. I’m working hard….fighting traffic as thick as Mississippi mud dried in Texas heat.  I really dislike the fatigue that traffic brings.

Ever come home to you house and wander around looking for someone, but it’s just you there.  Disappointed, you put on music and lay on your bed struggling to make out the shapes that are on your ceiling; or follow your ceiling fan’s rotations with your eyes till you get dizzy and think that you should seek help.

I have stacks of things to do.  Mainly write thank you cards.  I’ve read that the time given to send out thank you cards for ones wedding is a year.  I’ve got a month left to finish.  Jeeze, think I can do it?

It was cold yesterday; I got excited and wore a red velvet blazer, a long sleeved shirt and an undershirt.  By 1pm it looked as though i had lost in strip poker – as i had removed most of my layers suffering in Austin traffic.

Sorry I missed you Frank.  Perhaps we sludged passed each other on Lamar and didn’t realize it.

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