China in a Red Volkswagen

22 Oct

In my dream, we were driving to China in a red Volkswagen bus (we had a yellow one growing up) to see my grandmother who has apparently been busy working there since she died.  We were quite excited.  Mom tells me to be prepared that she’ll look different; much younger with very dark hair.

We meet Gra-ma on the side of the road in china – because she’s so busy in China that all she has time for is a quick side of the road visit.  She looks healthy, very healthy, but not really much younger.  She’s wearing her red suit; the nice wool one with the pleats and gold buttons.  She has on her ‘special sneakers’ the beige ones that are good for her feet.  Her hair is blonde.

I ask her, “Why blonde, Gra-ma?”

She says, “I thought I would try something different.”

I ask my Gra-ma, “Are you happy?”

Gran-ma says, “Yes.”

Apparently that was all I needed to know.  My dream ended there.

God I miss her.  Even if she is busy in China working.  I’m glad she had time to say hello.

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