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The Poison Tree

31 Oct

Illustration credit: Sharon Townshend. Apple Tree. Pencil on white paper.

Last night, at 3AM I woke up wide awake from a strange dream. The phrase with soft feminine wiles was running through my head. I was even saying it quietly under my breath.  I dreamt I was playing a game of scrabble with long-long-long-ago high school boys persons of the past.  At the onset of the game, I was acting as if I really couldn’t play well, but in actuality I was setting them up for a trap;  I knew that  I would blow them to smithereens with my next two moves.  However, I smiled sweetly and used all of my soft feminine wiles to compel them to humor me and play the game.  Strange, no question about it.  Don’t read into it, okay.  I obviously have a competitive side, or something. Continue reading

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