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My Heart Knows You

17 Feb

Holding my daughter, Zoe, just moments after her birth. 3-7-09

This past week, I’ve been reflecting on how close this moment is for me. I’ve been more purposeful in taking  time to connect to my son and the idea of becoming a mother again. The truth is, I’ve struggled with feelings of disconnection towards this pregnancy.   Maybe it’s because of the timing – getting pregnant so quickly after feeling like I just found my new purpose.  Or is it because of the feelings of guilt I have – changing Zoe’s world so soon into her young life.  Did I give her enough space with just the three of us? Maybe it’s because we still haven’t settled on his name. Or, perhaps it is because I spend so much time (gladly) helping doula clients, parents in childbirth classes and laboring moms at the birth center, that I tend to get caught up in their journey – so much so that I often forget that I’m on the verge of this transforming introduction too. Continue reading

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