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A Beautiful Mother Quote

19 Jun

More and more I am learning that motherhood requires surrender.  Surrender to stop what I am doing and to give to my children. To love on them when they need it, when they want it, and when it’s not always convenient for me.

Sometimes this means sitting on the couch with a towel in my hair, glasses on my nose, and an old bathrobe on – while nursing my son, giving cuddles to my daughter and reading Goodnight Moon (when really what I want to do is get dressed, put on my contacts, and brush my teeth.)

But one thing is true, I am learning, ever so slowly, that the surrender of motherhood helps shape my heart into a beautiful one, and all the while, thankfully, my children aren’t comparing me to anyone but me – and they think I’m beautiful.

Inspiring Motherhood Quote

24 Feb

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