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Postpartum Hair Regrowth Is Here

8 Jan

It’s baaaaaack…

My postpartum hair loss arrived with a vengeance.  I had known to expect it because I had experienced it with Zoe.  But, like all things with my sweet son, this time, the experience was completely different.  My hair started falling out six weeks postpartum and finally stopped at six months.   The clumps that fell out when I washed my hair were the size of soft-balls.   Fortunately, I have always had very thick hair, so the loss wasn’t noticeable to others when they looked at me.  But I noticed.  I went from wrapping my pony-tail holder (What are they called? Elastics?) twice around my pony-tail to, by the end of the postpartum hair loss, needing to wrap it FOUR times.  The good news is that I finally have that cool, flat, sleek, straight hair look.  Up till then, I’ve always had bushy-wig-looking-hair (thick hair isn’t always awesome, y’all).  The bad news is that it’s growing back in, and it’s sticking straight up out of the top of my head.

ps. It’s also grey.

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