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Doula Training, Day One

9 Apr

Sex, Drugs and Babies

Day one of my doula training was ten straight hours of beautiful, unadulterated knowledge.  My Lord, my head is spinning.  It was an incredible amount of  information to digest. I’m still processing a lot of it. A few points to mention:

Point One

We watched the documentary, Orgasmic Birth.  Okay, I’ll admit, I’ve been thrown off by this film and have avoided seeing it, because sometimes I’m too practical for my own good. I’ve kinda scoffed at the idea that a woman can have an orgasm while giving birth.  How ridiculous!  Any right-brained American woman will tell you that while in transition and or pushing she’s not thinking orgasm.  Well, fiddly-dee.  I was wrong.  There was one woman on the film that said she had not one, but two orgasms during her labor, and from the looks of the film clips of her birth, yes, indeedy she did have one or by gosh-golly it did kinda look like two.  Good for her, seriously. However, that’s not the point. What I want to say is that I think the title of this documentary is all wrong.  It would be better if it were called Empowered Birth, or Ecstatic Birth or even Joyful Birth. I say this because everyone they filmed had what I would call an empowered birth experience. The mothers were in the environment of their choosing, labored in the way that was best for them, stayed in control and in touch with their body while pushing – and upon their birth, had the biggest oxytocin release of their life. Continue reading

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