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Our First Christmas Together

24 Dec

Jasper, Arkansas.

It’s Christmas eve – my family are piled into the living room eating home made candy cake. My grandmother in her purple robe (because when you’re old, you must wear purple) my Mom, my Dad, Auntie Val and Uncle Bill (Uncle Bill, who is not really my Uncle, single-handedly drank a bottle of champagne at my wedding – a bottle that had been set aside for the honeymoon.  He probably needed it more than Peter and I did), and the newest addition to my family – Peter, my husband as of one month.

Funny picking out presents for your new husband.  Peter and I both picked each others gift out in front of each other and then wrapped them in front of each other and now they are under the tree.  Strange thing to do I know, but it works for us.

Hmm…I wonder what Peter got for me.

Oh – tonight I ungraciously (according to Peter) scored 118 points against my new husband on one scrabble word – “question.” How did I do that?  That would be two double word scores on one word and an added 50 points for using all my letters.

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