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To Zoe, On Your 2nd Birthday

6 Mar

To my sweet girl, Zoe:

Today we are celebrating your second birthday.  Although you won’t actually be two till Monday, two years ago today, is the day that my labor started at three in the afternoon.  Ten hours later, you were born.  I cannot say it enough, but the moment I birthed you, the moment I held you in my arms was one of the most awe-inspiring, sacred moments of my life.  Becoming a mother, or rather, becoming your mother has forged in my heart a deeper love for others, for your Dad, for myself and of course for you.  Did you know that your birth is what placed me on the path to becoming a doula?  I honestly can say, that if it weren’t for you I would not have found this calling.  So thanks for that little one. Continue reading

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