Doula Training, Day Two

10 Apr


My DONA doula certification class.


Today seemed to be a little less about “information” and more about practical application.  A lot of labor techniques were taught to us as well as chances to try them out with a partner.  Loved this! We also spent quite a bit of time talking about how culture or religion may affect a woman’s labor.  Interesting.

I’m feeling drained emotionally.  Watching all these teaching videos on labor and birth is emotional.  As a mother who labored naturally, it’s brings a lot of memories back and I relive my labor, even the difficult moments while watching the labor and births on the screen.

One thing is for sure, my next labor, I will certainly have a doula.

I had an amazing chat at lunch time with our two instructors, Jessica Atkins and Cindy Hodges.  I seriously feel as though I could ask them questions all day long.  They are incredible women.

Speaking of asking questions, I feel like I’m one of the only girls who asks questions or makes comments about the teaching in the class.  I kinda feel like I’m being pretty aggressive about getting information and trying to completely understanding the topic at hand.  I hope I’m not annoying anyone.

Well, I’ve got homework.  And then I must get to bed.  I’ve only had ten hours of sleep in the last two days.  My brain is fried!

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