Express 4

22 Feb

Feb. 22, 2008

Class, the theme of our lesson today is how to listen. Today has been a day of listening – and also, working in the kitchen. Which, is, in my house, the epicenter of listening, as well as talking – mostly around the breakfast table.

I spent the entire day in the kitchen. Our house is being used for a three day workshop called “the art of Hearing God.” So while our lower level is filled with eager listeners in every available space possible, I’m cornered in the kitchen, next to the gas heater, keeping warm and keeping out of the way. I’m also directing people to the coffee carafe, keeping the tea kettle hot, and stirring the huge pot of chicken soup that we’ll be serving for lunch today.

We had an hour break for lunch. I ate a quick salad, and then started my never ending process of keeping the kitchen clean, directing people to the bathroom, or to the phone, or to whatever it is they might need. There’s always something that somebody needs here. Sometimes I want to call this place the HOUSE of NEEDS instead of the HOUSE OF PEACE. I’m learning to be gracious towards peoples needs.

People need all sorts of things. Information is the one thing that tends to drive me crazy. Especially those who request unnecessary information. Especially something like, “excuse me, but my friend and I were wondering if you were expecting.” NEVER ask a woman if she is pregnant if you are not absolutely sure that she is, and especially if you don’t even know her from adam. And then especially if you want her to pour you hot coffee. Even if she is wearing a shirt that looks like a pregnant shirt. She could be, perhaps, bloated from her period and doesn’t want anything clinging to her. In that case, she is definitely not “expecting.” What she is expecting is an apology for your stupid-ass-ness.

See how I’m learning to be gracious.

(that’s all i could share of this days “850” with the myspace world)

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