Still, I Believe That.

4 Dec

Say the right thing, just say it.  Say the words, the words filled with concern and care and goodness and all of the warmth of a believing heart.

I try.  I try so hard to remember what it was that the me of a few years ago would have said.  I knew then what I don’t know now … a lyric from some song I’m sure.

But now that I lived a little more.. fully…really…authentically…with my bruised yet living faith, I say what is honest, or what is…

Candid.  Let’s use that word.  Carries less responsibility with it.

So I prayed, “God, please separate the truth from the hurt.”

And may we live our faith honestly, with large growing steps towards the beauty of holiness.

I do believe that there’s beauty hidden somewhere in the valley of holiness.  Still, I believe that.

Damn the rest.

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