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If Moms Wore Uniforms

10 Jul

There are days when I feel so far from heroic that I feel like the I’m the punchline in a joke. But some days, like today, when my daughter reached over to me and placed her sticky hands on my face, and said with perfect innocence, “Mommy, I will love you forever, and ever, and ever, and ever, and ever, and ever…” I understand that saving the world, at least my corner of it, might be possible … one tender moment at a time.

To every reluctant hero, wear your uniform proud!


Crooked Chachas

10 Jul

After getting dressed I looked in the full length mirror this morning, the brown stretch tank-top I had on gave me pause. Seeing my reflection I thought one thing, “crooked chachas.”  Oh well, I’m so going to rock this look!  With that in mind, I was inspired to make this meme.  I hope it puts a smile on your face.

Why Did You Give Us Such Tender Skin | Photo Quote

1 Jul

I read this quote by Jan L. Richardson from Night Visions, and I immediately thought of motherhood.  When I found this image by renowned photographer Eugen Richards, called Love’s Labor, I knew I found an image that was strong enough for the quote.  I hope this speaks to you as much as it does to me.


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