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Crooked Chachas

10 Jul

After getting dressed I looked in the full length mirror this morning, the brown stretch tank-top I had on gave me pause. Seeing my reflection I thought one thing, “crooked chachas.”  Oh well, I’m so going to rock this look!  With that in mind, I was inspired to make this meme.  I hope it puts a smile on your face.

Simple Tips That Reveal Your Newborn Is Full

27 Jun


This tip was shared with me at a course I attended called Breastfeeding Management, taught by Hellen Sullivan, RN, IBCLC.

When newborns are hungry, their hands are fisted and drawn tight against their chest. However, during a feeding and once their tummies begin to fill up, their hands open, their fingers soften, and their arms lie lower across their body.

The American Pregnancy Association also confirms this easy indication of satiety/satisfaction from newborns at the end of a feeding:

The baby looks relaxed, “falls” off the breast, has open hands, and/or falls asleep. Source

In my house we called this ‘milk drunk.’ :)

Hunger Cues For Newborns

Breastfeeding Quote and Image

9 Apr

A Lesson In Breastfeeding From My (almost) 3-Year-Old

9 Feb

Zoe walks up to me with her pig, sets it on the table, points to its “knobs” and says,

“Mommy, these are the pig’s knobs and they’re for feeding her babies.”

Way to make me proud, Zoe! Yes, they are for feeding her babies.

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