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15 Fun Facts About My Kids

17 Feb
The Feminist Breeder invited her readers to join with her in sharing 15 Fun Facts About My Kids.  I thought it was a great idea and a good way to remember all these little things that make life so perfectly crazy and lovelyfull.  If you want to take part, check out TFB’s blog.

Would you look at those blue eyes! Photo by Lena Pettus

  • Zoe refers to her Cheerios from Trader Joe’s as “Ick Cheerios.”  As in, “Can I have some more ick Cheerios, mommy?” Why yes of course, would you like a side of gross with that too?
  • Noah eats more than Zoe for most meals and still breastfeeds like it’s his last booby meal on planet Earth.
  • Zoe started preschool this week.  Which is kind of a big deal for me.  On her first day she ran right into the class room and didn’t look back which equally thrilled me and pained me.
  • Noah has a love affair with the bathroom toilet.  Without fail, if the door is open to the bathroom, he’ll crawl to the toilet, pull himself up and practically lick the toilet seat. It disgusts me every single time.  How can I teach my son that playing with the toilet seat is “ick?”
  • Zoe and I have been looking at the book A Child is Born together. She’s fascinated by the pictures and keeps asking me to read her the story of the “baby growing.”  So it came as no surprise when, tonight, Zoe asked me if I had a baby in my tummy.  Kind of sweet. But no. No! This tummy is on the lock down, sweetheart. However, I am bracing myself for that awkward moment when she’ll ask a perfect stranger if they have a baby in their tummy.
  • Noah is eating so many blueberries lately that his poop is a lovely indigo shade.  It’s actually pretty.
  • Zoe’s crazy about toilet paper. CRAY CRAY CRAY ZEE. Which might explain why I constantly replace the empty role. It might also explain the toilet paper mountains I continually find in the commode. How does one teach their almost three-year-old to only use a little bit when they wipe.  Someone help me, please?
  • Noah is so close to walking I can feel it! I cannot wait for him to walk.  Crawling is nice and all, but walking is so much more enjoyable. 

"Mommy, what do dogs eat?" Photo by Lena Pettus

  • Zoe talks constantly. All the time.  She especially likes to ask me questions like, “Mommy, what do snow leopards eat?”  I try very hard to not tell her that they eat sweet baby Thumper and his friend baby Bambi. Instead I tell her they eat steak, lots and lots of steak.  On that note,  remember when your kids were little and you couldn’t wait for their first word? Hahahahahahaha! Yeah, it comes back to haunt you.
  • Noah is wearing size 4 diapers and size 4 shoes.  At ten months, this kid is a moose.  A cute moose, but still, a moose.
  • Zoe started a sentence the other day with the word, “Ideally.”  Um, really kid?  
  • Noah on the other hand seems to be taking his time with words or any sort of semblance to words. Which concerns me. But maybe because he started crawling at six months and pulling himself up to a stand and then immediately cruising at seven he’s more interested in where he can go rather than what he can say.
  • Zoe’s sings “He’s a tramp and I love Him” after bedtime prayers and without fail it cracks Peter up every night.  He then makes references to me about the post modern faith movement and how she must be ready for Lent.
  • Noah moved into his own room and it’s set up like an official nursery. Finally. I went and bought a crib, bumper, and changing table from Ikea with tax return money. First time this boy actually has his own room with his own things and not Zoe’s hand-me-downs.  I think he’s glad that the pink crib sheet and bumper are no longer mocking him.
  • Zoe loves to come into the bathroom while I’m sitting on the potty and say, “I’m so proud of you, Mommy!”  I can’t help but laugh every single time. Having a bathroom cheerleader is awesome!

There you have it,  fifteen irresistible things I find charming about my kids!  Now it’s your turn.  Check out The Feminist Breeder’s link and be sure to link your blog in the comment section of this post if you joined in the fun.

Reflections on Noah’s Birth. Part 4

7 Feb

Read Part 1 Here ||| Read Part 2 Here || Read Part 3 Here

I made a promise a long time ago to write out my reflections and thoughts regarding my son’s birth, and ten months later, I’m finally getting around to it.

Peter, holding Noah for the first time!

Here is what I do remember.

I struggled and still do with how fast my labor was.  In case you’re reading this for the first time, I arrived at the birth center in raging labor, with contractions right on top of each other (convinced I was in transition) and my midwife let me know I was four cm.  I honestly thought I would have to leave and get an epidural because I had no idea how I would manage if the contractions worsened.  The good news is that the pain of the contractions never got worse, only the pressure below intensified.  I should mention that we arrived at the birth center somewhere between 5:35 and 5:45 and I was 4 cm when we arrived and I birthed my son at 6:13 pm.  That means that active labor, transition, pushing  – and kablamo – babe in arms was less than 45 minutes.  That’s crazy fast.  CRAZY!

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I Encapsulated My Placenta | Pictures Included

1 Feb

WARNING: If you click to read this post you will see lots of pictures of my baby’s placenta.

Once upon a time I ate iguana eggs, scrambled up and served with Corn Flakes. I went on a short-term, medical, faith-based trip with my father deep into the Mosquito Coast of Honduras.  The kind woman who prepared the meals for our team (I know, I know) wasn’t sure what to do with the Corn Flakes that we brought, so she stirred them into the local delicacy she served us –  scrambled iguana eggs. Mmmmm, delicious. I ate till my plate was clean because I was convinced I would offend her other wise.  This is proof that I’m not faint of heart.

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Sleep Training Confession

27 Jan

My boy, five months old.

In the last three years, I’ve become more and more crunchy as I’ve progressed in this journey of motherhood. Starting with my unmedicated birth(s), and bed sharing and co-sleeping, and exclusive breastfeeding and nursing on demand, and baby wearing, and baby led weaning and now I’m about to undertake cloth diapering since Zoe is potty trained.

But this week I started sleep training Noah. And that is the antithesis of crunchy. Before you stone me, hear me out.

When Noah was 14 days old, a switch was flipped.  He abruptly changed from the most docile, sweet, tender baby to … I don’t know how to describe it.  He began to cry incessantly and he was miserable all day long. He was comforted by NOTHING.  Not me, not breastfeeding (that seemed to infuriate him even more), not being held, or bounced, or being worn in the sling, or riding in the car.  NOTHING.  He wouldn’t take a paci, he wouldn’t take a bottle with my breast milk. He cried in the swing, he cried in the bath, he cried in my arms, he cried in my mother’s arms, in my husband’s arms.  HE CRIED ALL DAY LONG.   Continue reading

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