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Noah Luke’s Birth Story. Part 1.

4 May

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On Monday, April 11th I had my 39 (and 3 days) week appointment with my midwife.  I went in to see Jean.  I had lost three pounds (mainly because my swelling went down), my blood pressure was great, my urine was good (we check for sugar and protein, among other things).  Noah was measuring perfectly. I was having lots of practise labor, making my cervix soft as butter (to quote Jean). I was two cm dilated, 50% effaced and baby was -1.  The bad news…he turned. From LOA to full on OP.

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Beautiful Breech Birth (Part III)

15 Jul

Illustration by Richard Wilkinson.

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When we arrived at the hospital they brought us into L&D room 7.  J looked at me and said, “Seven, that’s a good number.”  I agreed.  I always take seven as a good sign and mentioned to J that this was the very room my last clients birthed in.  That moment was the calm before the storm. Continue reading

Beautiful Breech Birth (Part II)

11 Jul

A woman laboring on the ball. Illustrated by Megan Gnekow.

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I received a call from J at 1:00 AM, just as I was returning home from a night out with friends.  J had been in labor for three hours and was now needing my assistance.  I came home and packed up a few things.  Brushed my teeth and tried to make sense of my hair.  Not a stitch of make-up and I couldn’t even remember if I had showered that day.  Oh, well, too late now.  I changed my clothes, grabbed my doula bag and headed out the door. Continue reading

Beautiful Breech Birth (Part I)

10 Jul

Baby shown in Frank breech position. (Courtesy of Flickr)

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I first noticed them in our Tuesday night Birthing From Within class.  They had a quiet presence, a look about them that made me want to know them.   Later that evening she introduced herself to the class. 40 years old and a first time mother.  She’s a writer and an artist, he’s Italian and a professor.  They are equally attractive as they are intelligent and artistic.  I secretly want to be their doula.  Please ask me, I think to myself. Continue reading

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